Why you should give Final Space a chance

By Scott Mayar

If you’re already watching Final Space, congrats! You are officially awesome and we should be friends! If you’re not watching Final Space, we need to talk. Grab a chair and a beverage and join me while I explain why this show is anything but “Tough titty whompus”.

Five years before the start of the story, Gary tries to impress Quinn (we'll get to her) by impersonating an Infinity Guard pilot. While attempting to fly the plane, he accidentally destroys 92 spacecrafts and a small family-owned Mexican restaurant. He was promptly arrested by the Infinity Guard and given a 5-year sentence aboard the Galaxy One spacecraft with no human contact, repairing satellites. While repairing a satellite, Gary meets Mooncake, a cute little “planet destroyer” who does not enjoy his powers and just wants to be liked for what he is.

There is also a cat assassin, not an assassin of cats, he is an anthropomorphic feline assassin. Who is searching for his lost son. Quinn is a high ranking member of the Infinity Guard, who while investigating a breach in space is rescued by Gary...A man who has a slight obsession with her. Boom now go watch it!

Oh you’re still here? Alright fine I’ll keep talking about Final Space…don’t threaten me with a good time. Final Space is an animated show that doesn’t shy away from making its characters insecurities prominent. Mooncake is afraid to get close to anyone as he fears they will use his powers for nefarious purposes. If you can’t relate to being fearful that people only like you for what you can do for them, then you are a better person than I. This is something that plays on repeat in my mind for a good month after meeting someone new, and I don’t even have any powers…yet. 

If you don’t want to look at the bigger picture and just want to enjoy a good TV show, then Final Space has you covered. This is an intergalactic space saga with a talking cat assassin named Avocado, KVN a smart-ass computer that controls Gary’s life and is possibly Fred Armisen’s greatest role, as Gary’s Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion, with a fondness for cookies and fire.

But if you do want a bit more than just top notch voice acting and a great story then Final Space has you covered yet again. Each episode begins with a short clip that when linked together tells a bigger story. Its a simple idea but executed so well it takes the show to a higher level.

And that’s what makes Final Space so worthy of praise. Nothing in this show is simply just done. The story, the characters and the dialogue are all painstakingly crafted which results in an exceptional viewing experience.

In short, give Final Space a go, its funny, has an enormous heart, and most of all Mooncake WILL incinerate you if you don’t.