The future of Ghostbusters

“If there's a steady pay-check in it, i'll believe in anything you say” - Winston Zeddmore

Right out of the gate here's a disclaimer, I love Ghostbusters. My bedside table has a Slimer toy and a baby Groot holding a Ghostbusters 2 trading card. By my TV is a Peter Venkman pop, my living room has a Lego Ecto 1, I have t-shirts and a ghostbuster mug to drink my morning whiskey out of. 

Ghostbusters came out in 1984, a year before I was born. But I grew up with the animated show and rewatched the movies on VHS. It was my first exposure to New York and now that I live here I often imagine Stay Puft walking down 5th Ave. This is my Star Wars, my Batman, my Spiderman. So when the 2016 soft reboot came around I was upset. It was obvious the Ghostbusters I knew and loved were over.

I’m not going to bash the reboot, although seeing Slimer get a girlfriend was dumb! But I can get behind a female team if it pushes the world I adore forward. Sadly this wasn’t the case and to a degree, that's a shame. But now we have the option to take a step back and plan for the future of this amazing product.

The future is not bright, because of people like me, fan’s that loved the original and refuse to accept we will never get a Ghostbusters 3. We did get a spiritual successor in 2009’s Ghostbusters: The video game. And that game was fun and pulled the curtain back on what could have been. 

But with Ghostbusters 2016, came a a lot of mud throwing. Some people like James Rolfe peacefully decided not to review the movie and he was attacked in his Youtube comments and on Twitter by Patton Oswalt, a man who looks like a pug wished upon a falling star to become a real boy. 

James Rolfe’s reasons for not wanting to see this movie were fine. He wasn’t sexist towards the cast, he just didn’t want to see it. Like how most people didn’t want Patton Oswalt to become the next Kevin James, but hey ho such is life…That was the last one…Promise.

So anyway, the reboot was tarnished by the constant debate over why the new crew shouldn’t be females. Which is dumb! Who care’s, if they are the right people for the roles and the script is great then the movie should be fine. It wasn’t, the backlash from sexist idiots and from people calling OG fan’s sexiest’s after they peacefully said I don’t want to see this, ruined this movie. 

And to those of you still holding out on a Ghostbusters 3, regardless of the fact we lost the amazingly funny, talented and all-around beautiful human Harold Ramis in 2016. Bill Murray will never return to the role of Venkman. It sucks but also who wants to see that now? Oh, you! Really? You want to see a 67-year-old man running around with a proton pack…yeh that won’t piss on the Ghostbusters legacy.

Ghostbusters 2016 was our chance to reignite the franchise, but instead we as fan’s bitched and moaned and people that had no attachment to it bitched and moaned at us.So Ghostbusters 2016 is dead, and along with it probably the future of the Ghostbusters movies. But that's ok, because IDW continues to put out amazing Ghostbuster comics. They are really leading the charge on bringing us new Ghostbuster stories. They even crossed over with The X-files and TMNT.

The fanbase for Ghostbusters is amazing, we have documentaries coming out that were funded on Kickstarter. Charity groups that dress up as Ghostbusters, convention meetups. We are awesome! And Paul Feig was a fan and yet he was torn down by the vocal minority.

The future for Ghostbusters depends on the fans shutting the f*ck up and getting behind a great project. If and when we get another movie, if you don’t like what it looks like, then don’t watch it. Don’t trash something you have no idea about, just because you have a voice doesn’t mean you have to run your mouth. 

In short, don’t be a jackass like Patton Oswalt. Support the fandoms you love and get behind them. Otherwise, all we will have left are Blu Ray's and torn up comics.