Deadpool's Greatest Hits!

The Merc with the mouth, the Regenerating Degenerate, or Wade Wilson to his mother is everyone's favorite fourth wall-breaking, gun-shooting, anti-hero. Below are three comics we recommend sinking your teeth into. Leave a comment below with your funniest Deadpool moment, line or meme by June 15th and you could win Deadpool issue 300 signed by Gerry Duggan. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter handle or Facebook name so we can let you know that you’ve won!


Deadpool teams up with Wolverine and Captain America in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly to journey into North Korea where they find out some shocking secrets about Deadpool’s past. During the process, the trio free a group of North Korean test subjects who have been turned into knock-off versions of the X-Men by using Deadpool’s DNA and that of the X-Men.


First: flash back to Deadpool's adventures in yesteryear with Iron Man! Then, Deadpool is hired by a demon to reclaim damned souls! And just in case you didn't think he could get any stranger, Wade gets in touch with his feminine side! Plus: Deadpool targets a man with aquatic powers! Then he teams-up with your Superior Neighborhood Spider-Man! And we promise you that he kills one of those two in Soul Hunter!

Deadpool Killustrated
By Cullen Bunn

Deadpool has already killed every hero in the Marvel Universe, but he isn't through. This time...Deadpool's after the most famous characters in classic literature! Why read a book when you can watch a book die?! Tom Sawyer gets slashed in TWAIN! The Little Women's throats MAY get ALL-CUT! Scrooge gets a visit from THREE BULLETS! Gulliver gets a SWIFT DEATH! The Three Musketeers are all for DONE! Sherlock Holmes gets to the bottom of HIS OWN GRAVE! And more book-related puns in Deadpool Killustrated! Can Deadpool rid the universe of the scourge of classical literature? Throw away your library card and buy this book! You never knew how badly you needed this!


And finally get some insight into Deadpool and Cables relationship by picking up If Looks Could Kill.

A bit of an "Odd Couple" scenario, the two antiheroes go back and forth between action, comedy, and serious contemplation.